What else are different from spring mattresses springless To decide which is better - mattress spring or springless mattress, compare them according to some parameters. Dust in the spring mattress eventually accumulates so much that it looks like the inside of a vacuum cleaner. After all, in the spring - the void. In springless version of this shortcoming is absent. Where the dust - there is dust mites. In latex and Koyré they do not live. Static electricity, it is not useful to the human body, especially children, as there is only spring mattresses - because they have a metal.

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Latex and coir are not conducive to the formation of electricity. Important: while on the mattress cover should be natural (synthetic, too electrified). Moisture inside the box spring corrosive springs creak and their gradual destruction. This is especially true "Bonnell" type units. The springless mattress moisture gradually evaporates, the more that latex mattresses are often made with perforated. Sleeping on a mattress spring (especially dependent type) are not comfortable on the entire surface - its edges are reinforced. If a mattress with box spring type Bonnel is designed for two people, then during sleep people roll to each other, appearing as if in a hammock. In springless mattress is used the entire area. Lying on a spring mattress is still comfortable - in fact it is softer.

But the effect of "swing" harmful to children's spine is very pleasant. Not everyone will like to sleep on the hard coconut fiber, for example. The life of a good mattress on springs about 10 years. Latex mattress is able to last for 15 years.   To fit the spring and who springless #1. Let's start with the kids. Do you have doubts about what is best for the child's mattress: spring or springless? Well, the answer is simple - the vibrations of the springs may have a negative impact on the formation of children's spine. Therefore, from one year to twelve years is better not to risk it and buy a mattress with coconut filling or latex. It is desirable for the child choosing a mattress and an orthopedic doctor to consult. # 2. As for adults, something for absolutely healthy people can rely only on their own experience.

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Those who suffer from heart disease or respiratory system, it is necessary to choose only springless mattresses. And they are shown to people with more weight - more than 110 kilograms. # 3. If you do not like "Spartan" conditions hard bed, then pay attention to the mattresses with spring independent type. Just remember: the more in that the block of small springs, the better. Do not allow children to jump on the bed - spring break. #4. And someone who has back problems, too hard mattress often does contraindicated. Therefore, such a person better before going to the store with a good orthopedic consult. He will tell you what kind of mattress fit - not too tight or springless still with spring. #5. With a limited amount of funds, carefully choose a springless mattress made of artificial materials.

Although manufacturers claim that the polyurethane foam (except foam) latex is not worse, but it is not. By the way, he can cause allergies. This is especially true of products of dubious manufacturers. foam mattress Polyurethane foam or simply put a foam mattress. A few words should be said about artificial material - memoriforme, also called the "foam with a memory effect." It is quite expensive, but it is close to a polyurethane foam and can produce harmful substances. Memory mattress In Europe, by the way, we began to refuse from it - many consumers complained of the unpleasant symptoms - nausea, shortness of breath, headaches and allergic symptoms. Therefore, if we buy an expensive springless mattress, it is better natural - latex, coir, or combinations thereof.